Friday, June 19, 2009

Throw pillows

New couch = New throw pillows right? I just can't have my first brand new couch without showing it some throw pillow love! And buying from a store just wouldn't be enough when these great comfy pillows from IKEA are just waiting to be covered.

So I geared up at Joann's with a neutral brown fabric I love and well, we're about to take off, I just finished the hobo bag I've been working on... only a week late and yet to be added to the store, but I've got the crafty itch so I'm gonna stick with it 'til the pillows are done. The first 2 will be easy, cut, iron, sew, and stuff.
The second 2, I can't wait to do, but will be more labor intensive. This is what I was thinking...
Are you totally in love? Cause I am!