Thursday, September 13, 2012

Horrible Blogger and an Explanation

My poor neglected blog! Have I attempted to explain any of the changes going on in my shop? No? Such a horrible blogger, but really when have I ever been regular and on top of things... oh yup, never! So don't feel bad if you are a little confused, I am too!

For those that know me personally, you already know this, so excuse the redundancy of this post.  For those that don't, hopefully this will help solve all of life's biggest questions. ;) The hubster just returned from a deployment to Afghanistan.  Bleh!  So glad he is back, but with his return we've had some life adjustments. So without going into too many details and to make a long story short, we've decided I will pursue Sweet Daisy Designs "full-time." Yay!

So here's the run down.  For now you'll find mainly digital prints on my etsy shop. Right now all are available for a small cost with a "Print your own" option.  I am slowly adding listings for the actual print to be printed and shipped to you.  All of the print colors are customizable, and you can find a color chart included on each listing.  Here's a few of my favorite prints! 

And Sweet Daisy Designs doesn't stop there, I will also be participating in various craft shows around the Pacific Northwest.  Our love of travel and the Pacific Northwest is one of the main reasons we've decided I will pursue Sweet Daisy Designs full time.  This is where the fun and variety comes in! On top of the digital prints, you will find Bags (where this all began!), notebook covers, kindle covers, iPad covers, headbands, and so much more.  To stop the rambling before it really begins, you can see the picture overload here.

Are you still reading? I'm SO impressed! We hope you will enjoy this journey with us to see where it takes us!

New bags!

Starting small here and have added one bag to the shop.  Baby steps people baby steps. :) I will attempt to list some more here in the next couple weeks. We shall see! 

I cannot get over this fabric, I'm buying bolts at a time! Love it!

Sweet Daisy Designs Show Booth

We had an awesome time this year at the Squatters Show by Art in the Park in Richland this year!  It was so fun to meet so many fun new people and to see so many returning customers.  So glad so many of you braved the heat and came back! We added a ton of new items this year and our booth was packed full of goodies.  All in all it was a great weekend!
We joined the electronic craze and added iPod, iPad, and Kindle cases to the covered notebook mix.

New wall art, digital prints, and headbands galore!


 Cozies were back...

Fun necklaces by Lis, the Mustache was my fav!

Rolled flowers for your hair, bags, scarves, and more! 

Headbands galore!

Sippy leashes were back...

New flower cabochon rings, loving these!

Magnets made a comeback

Flower cabochon bobby pins were a hit!

Bags, bags, bags! Lot's of fun new fabrics! 

Thanks again for a great weekend! We had a splendid time and look forward to next year!