Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Nightstands Turned Shelf!

I found this random junk pile in a soon-to-be neighborhood near us while looking for blackberry bushes one day. 

No wonder people put up signs like this!
I really don't get why anyone would just dump their things on someones property, there are so many places to drop off unwanted goods.  Sadly I found this hot spot after it had rained for a couple days, so I missed out on a couple great and fun chairs that were water-logged. :(

But I did find this beauty. 

Ok really I didn't find it like this I found two nightstands looking much like this only way dirtier and with weird flying bugs crawling on it! Seriously the things I will do for a free item- I question my sanity sometimes!

To turn it from 2 of those to this...

Recruit some free labor...

1.  Prepare the furniture- Clean and Sand.
The pieces that I found were nightstands with drawer units.  I couldn't find the drawers in the mass mess, so I had to remove screws and drawer stoppers. 

2.  Assemble your shelf.  Stack the 2 pieces, use wood glue and glue the top to the bottom, then attach the 2 pieces with a flat metal bracket, see a similar one called a Flat joining plate.  (sorry I didn't get a picture of mine!)  I used one bracket with 4 holes placed horizontally between the 2 nightstands.  2 screws going into each nightstand.

3. Glue 4 wood shelves into place.  I used 1/4" plywood found in the scraps section at Home Depot and had them cut down the scraps to the size I needed.  I paid $1.00 total for them and the cuts- big spender I know! :)

Two of my shelves were a little off so I had to use some heavy-duty sand paper and sand them down to be even with the nightstand. (as seen in above photo)

4.  Much to your hubby's dismay paint your beauty spicing up your boring white-walled rental! 

I used a foam roller and a cheapo foam brush and it left a great finish- no priming here. :)

5.  Finish shelf backing.  I took the false bottoms from the original nightstand, cut 2 of them down to size with the jig-saw.  Shh... don't tell the hubby I used it while he wasn't here- he gets a little worried with me and power tools especially since we live in the boonies.  And his worry is probably rightfully deserved- I am the daughter of the same man who lost parts of fingers on 2 separate occasions! 1st to a cement mixer when he was in his 20's and the 2nd time to a table saw while working on the cabinets for our basement bathroom. And I most definitely carry his clumsy genes! Phew that was a tangent! Back on track...

I wasn't too worried about the appearance so I put a light coat of paint on both sides then covered the board with fabric.  I used hot glue to secure it to the back side of the board, wrapping it like a present. 

6.  Attach shelf backing.  I attached the 4 different backing pieces using a heavy duty staple gun. 

7.  Move your shelf on inside and decorate!

This one will end up in my daughters room and will most likely be adorned with a plethora of toys plus a couple extra goodies.  Just need to find some better baskets! :)

Final cost of this project was approximately $7.00!
Nightstands= FREE!
Shelves= $1.00
Quart of Paint= $4.00 (purchased from habitat restore!)
Fabric=~$2.00 (probably less, fabric was clearance at JoAnn's about a year ago!)

This most definitely was a hodge-podge project and tutorial, so please ask if you need more info on any particular step!

AND if you made it all the way to here, I've got another super great labor intensive project that I just finished last night as well! I'll try to get it up soon! :)



Thursday, October 14, 2010

New look!

Have you seen our new look?! It's great I'm in LOVE with it! It's all thanks to the ultra-talented Lindi from Love the Day, who on a side note is even a greater person than her parties- and they're beyond great!  I absolutely love her sunshine party, so happy and bright, I can't help but smile while looking at it!

 I could go on and on about Lindi AND all she does, but I'll save you some time and go take a look for yourself.  You can visit her blog here or etsy shop here. You won't be disappointed!

But before you go grab my fancy new button and enjoy! :)

Bags, Bags, Bags

I'm going to have some serious bags under my eyes tomorrow! I think the bound to be foggy morning may call for a hot chocolate and glazed donut from Starbucks on my way to the big blue store of goodness (ie IKEA!!!) AND the best news is, I only have 1 child- the one who's potty trained, which means I'll enjoy an hour of shopping all-by-myself! I'm stoked, hopefully my excitement and a little Starbucks will erase the bags under my eyes from staying up so late for no real good reason!

Here's the rest of the story...

I'm bagged out for a few days, I'll be changing things up a bit and working on one of the many projects I've got going on around here! I've got a big one in the works and it doesn't involve a sewing machine!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Notebooks and Bags

It's been a great couple of weeks crafting here...

A composition notebook cover done in possibly still my favorite fabric! I've used it for a toddler skirt, the 'anna' bag, and coffee cozies.  I've got 4 fresh new yards so I'm sure we'll be seeing some more of it!

A smaller version of this bag, in this delicious yellow fabric which is on it's way out.  It was part of a large stash I snagged from the hubsters grandma's stash, there's not much left but one thing is for sure- I'll make good use of it! :)

But first things first, things can not go on like this anymore!
Something has seriously got to be done about this mess! Like I said it's been a great couple weeks of crafting around this joint!  Time to finally finish putting together my crafting area... wish me luck!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Mirror Redo

I'm absolutely loving the intricate frames right now!

This one fit in well with my Message Board Frame (turned menu board) and received the same blue spray paint treatment, but before we see the final product can we talk about what we see in the mirror!? I am absolutely loving our new surroundings! I love the fact that we can take little "hikes" all around our neighborhood, I love that I look out my window and see pine trees all around, and I love that it smells like camping in my very own house! So try to look past the beauty in the reflection and check out that mirror!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Farmer's Market Booth and Goodies

Here's a few pictures I managed to snap in the morning sun this last weekend while at the Farmer's Market

Here we are sandwiched in all our glory between the best (and friendliest) salsa guy ever and the funniest "Crabie Apple Ladies"  So sad I won't physically be there next week to spend the morning with these hilarious ladies and to eat some of their delicious carmel apples and popcorn!

The Random Shelf of goodness!

Cozy section and wine bottle fountain

Hair bow and Headband table

Delicious mirror which you'll see more of later. :)

If you made it to the end of the post last week you'll recognize the candle holders, here they are in all their glory and there's 3 of them! Hooray for a replacement!

Headbands displayed on the coolest candle stick ever! I think I may have actually jumped for joy when I spotted this beauty at Goodwill!

Hair accessories galore!

Bags galore!
***Bags and hair clips will be making an appearance soon in my shop, until then, if you see one you absolutely have to have, let me know and I'll pull it from our booth inventory!***

Friday, October 1, 2010

Shop is up and running and other random cuteness!

A couple months later I finally have my shop back up and running! Hooray! I feel almost silly posting this here, because I've already sold a bundle of cozies I had listed, but there's still some cute one's left and really let's be totally honest I'm not sure how much traffic my poor neglected blog generates! I will be adding some cute upcycled market bags, and some other goodies over the next couple weeks so we'll have more than just cozies! :) Now everyone pray we won't have anymore moves for AT LEAST 8 more months and that any moves around that time will be to a house of our own or I'd even settle for on the same side of the country!

In all other randomness...

Craft show last weekend was a great experience, but all I can do is tell you about it because I failed big time and got NO PICTURES! But no worries, I'm headed to the farmer's market this weekend in my hometown, so that'll be the first thing I do.  Hopefully I can duplicate our booth from last weekend because (skipping all humility here) it was adorable! Looking forward to hanging with my sis at our booth and crafting some more!

Here's your reward through making it through all that nonsense, or if you skipped over my wordiness just enjoy the goods, but (self-promotion here!) go check out my updated shop!

I scored these ugly-color-cool-looking candle sticks at goodwill

and turned them into...

Why are there only 2? My sis broke one last week, but have no fear I went back and bought the remaining one at goodwill, it's still in the process of be repainted!

Love them!