Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Notebooks and Bags

It's been a great couple of weeks crafting here...

A composition notebook cover done in possibly still my favorite fabric! I've used it for a toddler skirt, the 'anna' bag, and coffee cozies.  I've got 4 fresh new yards so I'm sure we'll be seeing some more of it!

A smaller version of this bag, in this delicious yellow fabric which is on it's way out.  It was part of a large stash I snagged from the hubsters grandma's stash, there's not much left but one thing is for sure- I'll make good use of it! :)

But first things first, things can not go on like this anymore!
Something has seriously got to be done about this mess! Like I said it's been a great couple weeks of crafting around this joint!  Time to finally finish putting together my crafting area... wish me luck!

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