Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bags, Bags, Bags

I'm going to have some serious bags under my eyes tomorrow! I think the bound to be foggy morning may call for a hot chocolate and glazed donut from Starbucks on my way to the big blue store of goodness (ie IKEA!!!) AND the best news is, I only have 1 child- the one who's potty trained, which means I'll enjoy an hour of shopping all-by-myself! I'm stoked, hopefully my excitement and a little Starbucks will erase the bags under my eyes from staying up so late for no real good reason!

Here's the rest of the story...

I'm bagged out for a few days, I'll be changing things up a bit and working on one of the many projects I've got going on around here! I've got a big one in the works and it doesn't involve a sewing machine!


Meagan said...

You seriously amaze me!! I don't know how you do all that you do! AND, with two little munchkins under foot. IKEA...such a great time! Love that place. Any good finds?

Angela said...

I'm glad I found you too! Your blog is so cute and I love seeing what you make. We should get together and craft. We might be kindred spirits! We have the same taste in fabric!