Friday, October 1, 2010

Shop is up and running and other random cuteness!

A couple months later I finally have my shop back up and running! Hooray! I feel almost silly posting this here, because I've already sold a bundle of cozies I had listed, but there's still some cute one's left and really let's be totally honest I'm not sure how much traffic my poor neglected blog generates! I will be adding some cute upcycled market bags, and some other goodies over the next couple weeks so we'll have more than just cozies! :) Now everyone pray we won't have anymore moves for AT LEAST 8 more months and that any moves around that time will be to a house of our own or I'd even settle for on the same side of the country!

In all other randomness...

Craft show last weekend was a great experience, but all I can do is tell you about it because I failed big time and got NO PICTURES! But no worries, I'm headed to the farmer's market this weekend in my hometown, so that'll be the first thing I do.  Hopefully I can duplicate our booth from last weekend because (skipping all humility here) it was adorable! Looking forward to hanging with my sis at our booth and crafting some more!

Here's your reward through making it through all that nonsense, or if you skipped over my wordiness just enjoy the goods, but (self-promotion here!) go check out my updated shop!

I scored these ugly-color-cool-looking candle sticks at goodwill

and turned them into...

Why are there only 2? My sis broke one last week, but have no fear I went back and bought the remaining one at goodwill, it's still in the process of be repainted!

Love them!

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Alisa said...

Craft shows are like that. Some are amazing--and others are a bust. we've done a lot over the least your wares can easily be packed and unpacked. We did it with pottery!