Monday, September 21, 2009

{Save the Date}

My lil' sis gets married this weekend... yay! Needless to say, I've got last minute wedding projects coming out my ears! So to take a little break from the long list of projects that still need to be done, I'll blog about the Save the Dates I made 6 months ago!

Aren't they fun and so cute?!

She found the idea somewhere, have no idea where (sorry can't give credit where credit is due! I've searched but can't haven't had any luck finding her source.)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Coffee Drink Cup Cozy Sleeve

What's with the random use of adjectives in the title you ask? Well as a tribute to my good friend, greatly missed roomy, and brother-in-law Shawn, I think that is the phrase he might use to describe this project! Well any way you put it, it's an adorable way to sip that yummy drink you love so much. This cup cozy replaces those cardboard sleeves the energetic Starbucks employees throw on your drink to protect your little fingers from the scorching hot cup. It also works great for keeping your fingers warms while sipping a nice cold refreshing drink.
Those who ordered the Anna bag received one of these cuties for FREE! :) I've still got one bag left for anyone who doesn't want to miss out on the freebie. But if the Anna Bag just isn't in your budget right now, you can order a cute Coffee Cozy, or 2 or 3, or however many you like. They are for sale individually for $5.99 or 2 for $10.

You can find them in my ETSY shop by clicking here.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Simplicity Hobo Style

Simply put... my life calls for simplicity right now.

So enough of my empty promises, here it is...
The super fun, can't wait to get it onto my shoulder, flower hobo purse! I think we'll call her the 'Anna bag' for now... why Anna you ask? Umm... keeping with the simple, it's the first name that came to mind! You've got a better one? Great! Let me hear it! :) Until then, we'll stick with 'Anna bag.' Complete with her cute little knot in the strap and her cute little flower on the side... doesn't she just make you want to smile! :)
You may remember this bag from here. Well I used mine day in and day out, and figured out what worked and what didn't work, made a few adjustments and ta-da...

Here's your chance to get yours now, for a super low price of $26.00! For the first 3 bags I sell, there will be a fun little extra included in your bag. Just click on the "email me" link to your left and let me know you want one.

And if the 'Anna Bag' just isn't quite your style or prefer something a little bigger... i.e. diaper bag style. Just let me know your preferences and I'll whip one up for you :)

Mr. Orange, meet your new best friends...

Mr. Orange, meet Mr. Green and Mr. Brown... your 2 new best friends.

Seriously, it only gets cuter (of course only until the bright pink cast makes its appearance, but we'll just pretend we don't see it because we are so distracted by the absolute-over-the-top-adorable brown boots... or I should say boot. :) I've got enough supplies left to make 1 more of these puppies for $16.00... email me (link to your left) with your request and size.