Sunday, May 1, 2011

Unfinished Projects

It's confession time! I have a serious issue with starting and not finishing projects.  I've tried to be better about not having so many projects going at once, but since leaving my crafting partner in crime in Virginia, I've slipped!  Bad! I need someone to hold me accountable, so in a moment of weakness I thought I would see how many projects I actually have going right now. 

So off I went around the house.  It wasn't pretty.  I have at least 15 going right now, I'm sure I missed a few and that doesn't include the 10 swarming in my head right now or any etsy projects! So here we go...

Honestly- just finished this one tonight.  Yea! I'll show it to ya later this week.

This one needs touch ups on the paint and then to be hung...

Throw pillows recovered...

For those of you who have been to my house and have thought I was a HSM fanatic, I'll put your mind to ease.  I've never seen the show, but they were on sale for CHEAP at Target... that orange sticker gets me every time! So here they sit- over a year later still sporting their obnoxious pinkness!

This is where it gets ugly.  And there's a few more baskets like these hiding in random places. Yikes!

Super fun project which I'm waiting on the hubster for.  Need him to cut some sheet metal and be home :( so I can use the jigsaw... so excited!

Another fun one!!

Micah's bed.  Waiting on the hubby again on this one, although I may start building it soon!

Throw pillows for Hallie's bed.

Train duvet cover for Micah

Baby scrapbook, which were 90% finished when kids were born 3.5 years ago... and there they sit!

Just need to add some pictures!

Phew! That's rough! So many projects so little time.  Good thing is, I'm still in love with all of them! So here's to be motivated to finish these before starting more!

What about you? Do you have a similar problem? Or are you awesome and finish your projects before starting another?  If you are a compulsive project starter like me let's keep each other accountable and I'd love to see what you have started, just add your link here! Here's to hoping there's someone just as bad as me! ;)

Spring Flower Fondant Cake

After the pirate ship masterpiece, we didn't have much time to practice with the fondant cake.  It thankfully came out looking ok and we now know how to use fondant!

If we hadn't been 2.5 hours in and had 9 children frantically begging for cake at this point, :) I think we would have changed up the colors a bit on the flowers, but otherwise it turned out great!