Friday, September 24, 2010

Melt my heart...

Hallie decided to join in on the crafting fun this week, she wanted to cut fabric instead of paper so I gave her a piece of scrap fabric.  She loved every minute and told me, "I'm making a dress for mommy, not for me, for mommy ok."  So sweet, she even had to sit at my desk to "finish it." I think we may need to make up some simple doll clothes soon!
Please ignore the disheveled appearance! It was right after nap time!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Crafting til' I can't craft no more...

Wow! I've wanted to try a craft show for a while now, but fear of the unknown got me and I haven't made the plunge.  Insert great sister and bam, she signs you guys up for a show in your hometown.  Ahhhh! I'm so excited, a little nervous, and SO tired! With 2 days left until the show, I've got at least 3 more bags/purses to finish, and a whole bunch of other little projects, and I've got to finalize out displays... yikes! 

I'm sure it will all come together and it will be a great learning experience, so if you're in the local area come keep me company at the 3rd Annual Greener Living and Harvest Celebration at Snoqualmie Winery.  And while your in town don't forget to enjoy the great Prosser Balloon Rally... great fun for the whole fam!

Snoqualmie invites the public to celebrate the fall wine harvest and the natural quality of the Northwest at its third annual Greener Living & Harvest Celebration on the winery grounds in Prosser, WA.

Visitors can enjoy locally sourced bites paired with Snoqualmie’s organically produced Naked wines, listen to jazz music from the Vintage Reserve Jazz Band, and browse the offerings from green-focused local vendors.

Admission is free and open to the public. Snoqualmie is located at 660 Frontier Road, Prosser. For more information, contact the winery.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Wine Bottle Fountain

My Brother-in-law just put this rockin' Wine Bottle Fountain together last week... gorgeous don't ya think!? Perfect item for Washington Wine Country!  He will be selling them at local craft fairs and by request. 

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Stickin' with the Trains

I love the Internet.  I'm searching for vintage type train items for decorating Micah's room and came across this train on ebay.  Gotta love the guns to the head and man smoking a cigar... not exactly something I want hanging up in my child's room, but good for a laugh during my search.  Find the item by clicking here.

I came across the most perfect train on ebay as well, sadly we won't be purchasing it with the hefty price tag of $650.00.  Check out the perfect colors! I love it! Think he'd sell it if I offered him $20? Doesn't hurt to dream right?! I'll be on the look out for a less-than-perfect set for hopefully a-whole-lot-cheaper! :)

And if you have $650 to spare and want to help me decorate his room :), you can find it here

I've got expensive taste! Just fell in love with this one as well.  $650 doesn't sound so bad when you check this trian made in 1875 with a measly price tag of $2,750, but at least they offer free shipping right!? Find it here.