Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Stickin' with the Trains

I love the Internet.  I'm searching for vintage type train items for decorating Micah's room and came across this train on ebay.  Gotta love the guns to the head and man smoking a cigar... not exactly something I want hanging up in my child's room, but good for a laugh during my search.  Find the item by clicking here.

I came across the most perfect train on ebay as well, sadly we won't be purchasing it with the hefty price tag of $650.00.  Check out the perfect colors! I love it! Think he'd sell it if I offered him $20? Doesn't hurt to dream right?! I'll be on the look out for a less-than-perfect set for hopefully a-whole-lot-cheaper! :)

And if you have $650 to spare and want to help me decorate his room :), you can find it here

I've got expensive taste! Just fell in love with this one as well.  $650 doesn't sound so bad when you check this trian made in 1875 with a measly price tag of $2,750, but at least they offer free shipping right!? Find it here.

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