Thursday, June 10, 2010

It's Cozy Time!

Coffee Cozy time that is!  I've got 100+ cozies in the making as we speak, I had to take a short blogging break for my sanity. And I'm SO excited about the new batch.  Since we are home visiting our families I headed out to Craft Warehouse (LOVE this store!) with my mom.  It's designer after designer after designer of cute fabrics! I spent a ridiculous amount of money and I'm already scheming about how to get back for more! One confession I have to make... I really need to branch out from the browns! I really tried to get a variety of fabrics and think I did an ok job, but I still have a huge stack of browns!

So if you haven't gone over to my ETSY shop, go check them out... if everything goes as planned (Micah/Hallie- listen up! That means you're in a really good mood and take a great nap tomorrow!) I'll be adding some more cozies soon soon soon!  And since I spent a ridiculous amount of money- I think I feel a sale coming on, I need to recoup that money fast! (There I go again trying to justify the habbit!) 

So enjoy some eyecandy!!

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