Thursday, July 22, 2010

Princess Chair "Revamp"

We don't despise princess related things in our house, but it's not exactly our favorite.  We are more rough and tumble, with some girly thrown in there for fun. So when we stopped in St. Louis at my aunts house on our last cross country move my cousin Gina, being the sweetheart she is, decided she had outgrown her chair and gave it to Hallie.  We were excited... Hallie loved sitting in it, in fact she loved everything that Gina had, and I was excited it was free! But it was a few years old and Gina had definitely put it to good use, so I decided to recover it. 

Sadly I didn't take a picture beforehand so here's a stock look alike. 

I broke out my trust friend, the seam ripper and went to work.  And seam ripping I did! I ripped out all of the old seams so I could use the old pad as a pattern.  So a few episodes of 24 later, I was done with the seam ripping. 

I then cut out my fabric, pretty, fun and not-so-princessy thrifted floral fabric on the top, and go-to sky blue on the bottom. 

I then basically made a slip cover for the old pad.  Reassembled the 2 cushions.  I was lazy and didn't finish the edges well, I may go back over them at some point with a zig-zag or overcasting stitch and make it a look a little nicer- or not since it's on the bottom. :)

I then took the old pieces that held the cushion onto the frame and made duplicates out of the blue fabric.  Then I broke out a few more episodes of 24 and hand sewed the pieces back around the frame.  A little time consuming, but it's adorable!


Alisa and Jared said...

much cuter than the princesses...way to go!

Anonymous said...

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aligataor sabi said...

our cats fight over this chair, originally got for the ferret LOL