Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Amazon Sweet Deal

Have you all heard of

They are one of the many sites out there nowdays offering a "daily deal" which comes to your inbox every morning.   You can personalize your location so you can get great deals near the city you live in.  You can also set the settings so you DON'T get daily deals in your inbox every morning if you're overloaded with "junk mail." But this is definitely one you don't want to miss out on!

Today's Deal is a $20 Amazon gift card for $10, but if you sign up through this link you should get $5 in deal bucks, which means you can get $5 off another daily deal!
**edited, they must have realized how great of a deal it really was, you sadly can no longer use the $5 in deal bucks on this deal, but $20 for $10 on Amazon is still a seriously sweet deal- plus $5 off something in the future!**

Are you still here, still reading? If so, stop and run now before they run out. 

And to be totally fair and honest, I will also get $5 in deal bucks when any of you purchase the deal AFTER using this link to sign up.  So help yourself and share it with your friends as well so you can get more deal bucks!

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Meagan said...

Sweet deal, huh?! Like how I copied you and put it on my facebook too? Lol. :) Seriously, combine that deal with an AmazonMom subscribe and save purchase (which gives you 30% off) and then throw in an Amazon coupon from a Parenting magazine (another 20% off) and you have a SWEEEEET deal!! Love saving a buck!