Monday, June 27, 2011

Adorable Puppets!

One of these days I will get around to actually posting something that I've crafted, after almost 2 months, I'm finally starting to feel better after a severe (and lame!) back injury. But then again, I hate to make any promises because I'm famous for breaking them! ;) 

Until then I've got another awesome find for you!  I have a friend who just started selling these adorable puppets on ETSY.  She's been making them for quite some time, and I was lucky enough to try one out for a few minutes before shipping it off for a birthday gift.  They are well made, reasonably priced, even cuter (if that's possible!) in person, and Micah and Hallie absolutely LOVED it! I will most definitely be ordering more for our own family.  

In fact, I already have an order in for a couple of these...

And as an extra bonus, she is always looking for more ideas, so if you have something in mind, run it by her and she'll do her best to recreate it! 

So go check out her shop, Hand on Fun and visit her blog for a discount code which makes them an even sweeter deal, but hurry the code may be ending soon!

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