Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Homemade Headboard Saga

Do your best to look past these 2 munchkins and what do you see?! Besides 4 other unfinished projects? (Yes I counted them... nightstands need to painted, lampshades need to be replaced with something bigger, curtains need to be hung instead of towels (seriously!), and decorative pillows need to be made and/or bought... and that's just 1 picture in 1 room... my life is full of projects in the waiting right now!)

Well if you can look past all of that you will see a beautiful handmade headboard! Thanks to Lis and her persuasion, enthusiasum, and persistance; my hubbies mad skills with a rip saw, desire for me to actually finish a project, and willingness to help desire to get our house back in order; and last but not least :) my crazy ideas, blogging addiction, and inadequate/incorrect plans... both households have rockin' headboards! (How's that for a run-on!?)

Lis and I drew out plans Friday night for these beauties, went to Home Depot at 9:00 at night to "price them out" or so I thought, and much to my hubbies dismay, came back with the materials to build them. 

Add a snow storm into the mix and you get a weekend full of building a headboard in your living room, including, but most definitely not limited to... drilling, sanding, and painting!  Hey at least we Tyson saved the sawing for outside on our front porch, I'm sure our neighbors got a kick out of that one. 

We're absolutely giddy about them!


Daniel and Rachel said...

I love it!! Do you have a tutorial on how you built it?

Shane Sutherland said...

I would also really love to know your basic steps. My hubby was raised in the city, I was raised on the hog farm. So, I will be the one building it! :) I can probably put a fairly decent plan together by myself, but if you have time to list your basic steps and materials, that would be great! I love the headboard!