Friday, May 28, 2010

Toddler Backpacks

I'm heading out of town soon and flying across the country by myself for the first time with both kids.  I won't lie, I'm pretty nervous and freaking out a little! The first thing I did was brainstorm on how to lighten my load (I'm a habitual overpacker!!!) So of course, one of the first things that made it on to the must-do's was have them carry their own stuff.   

As cute and easy as it would have been I just couldn't bring myself to go buy one from the store.  Not when the potential for little matching backpacks was there! So really what could be more perfect than 2 of Made By Rae's Toddler Backpacks!? Have you seen her spring top competition? Go check it out, you won't be disappointed! Go now you won't be disappointed. :)  

But first...
I smiled all day long yesterday.  I seriously couldn't wipe the smile off my face.  Well really I'm still smiling! And the hubby gave me the biggest compliment EVER! Normally when I show him something he says something like, "yea sweety that's neat" spoken of course in grunts.  His response this time was, "wow those are pretty cool, they will be really useful."  USEFUL! That's the key word, I just need to explain the usefulness of any item I want him to be excited about.  That and food, almost 8 years of marriage later and almost 14 of dating him, I've finally figured that usefulness and food are his motivators! But this is my crafty blog so you don't really care about that! 

I switched things up a little from her pattern and added a front pocket to the bag.  Added storage and I think it adds to the pack.  I also wanted them to be pretty sturdy so I used home-decor canvas, med weight interfacing AND used a think vinyl to stabilize the bottom.  It was hard on the good ol' machine, I broke 2 size 14 needles and of course found my size 16 after I had finished, but hopefully it was worth it for the added stability and durability of the pack.  

Simply put... These backpacks rock!!!!


Alisa and Jared said...

Are you KIDDING me?!! You MADE backpacks?!!! WOWEEEEEE...I would never even venture there...and look at you! You ROCKED IT!! SOOO cute! (and "useful"!!!)

Tanya said...

That backpack is my go-to gift for all the toddler birthday parties my boys get invited it! Great idea to make the packs sturdier. I ended up using a couple pieces of craft cotton adhered together with fusible web, which gave the fabric a more canvas-like strength and feel.

Kim said...

You rock! Will come to my house for a few weeks and play with me? Hallie and Micah can play with Paige - everyone will be happy!! Just yesterday I decided Paige needs a backpack to take to Grammy's when I leave on a business trip... but that's in 10 days!