Monday, November 1, 2010

Railroad Crossing Sign

Anyone have a little Engineer like I do?  One that can spot a train from a mile away? One that remembers where every potential railroad crossing is in the state? :)

Well then he or she will probably love this addition to their room or playroom as much as my "Mr. Conductor" does!

This sign is so simple it will be hard NOT to make one for your little engineer!

First gather your supplies:

**I will include the dimensions and supplies I used, but one of the reasons I love this project is that it is easily adapted to whatever supplies you have on hand or whatever is easily attainable! I'll include suggestions in parentheses.**
2- 2.75"x22" pieces of 1/8"  (you could use 2 pieces of thin plywood from your local craft store found in the wood/dollhouse aisle OR use white foam board)
1- sheet of card stock (you could use vinyl, purchase pre-cut vinyl letters from office aisle, or print and cut letters from word document)
White paint
Modge Podge
Foam Paint Brush
Wood Glue
Staple Gun

1.  Attach your 2 pieces of wood together.

Line them up by eye-balling it or if you want to be exact use and angle.  I glued them together and added 5 staples just to make sure it wasn't going anywhere. 

2.  Paint your board.  Spray paint or acrylic craft paint will do the trick.

3.  Cut out your letters.  
I used my Cricut with black cardstock and the Plantin Schoolbook cartridge set at 3 inches. But remember you could easily use vinyl, purchase pre-cut vinyl letters from office aisle, or print and cut letters from word document.  I would strongly suggest cutting out one letter before doing all to be sure you have the right size. :)

4.  Glue your letters on using Modge Podge.

Do one coat under letters gluing as you go...

And a 2nd coat to seal and coat all the letters...

5.  To hang your sign I used Command Velcro Strips (Love them!)

Enjoy it in all it's glory!

Best part of the project for me?  No money out of pocket! I used all supplies I had on hand... seriously cute and seriously cheap!

edited again! sorry I've posted this same post 4 times now! I should know by now to preview before posting!

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Mimi said...

I made a similar one by printing the wording from a power point slide I made onto card stock and gluing to the plywood.