Saturday, March 26, 2011

You are my sunshine print

On a whim while on our Mommy-daughter "date" this evening at our only local super store, Wal-Mart, (and by local I mean a 20 minute drive- have I mentioned I live in the boonies!?) we bought an adorable new spring quilt for Hallie's bed. Despite all of my attempts at persuasion to get her to pick the one I originally spotted, she insisted on the "girly" quilt which consisted of pink, green, orange, and yellow. Luckily it fit in with the color scheme I was going for. So with another project for her bed in the works, this quilt was the extra push I needed to really get her room done started.

She has no artwork in her room at this point and while sitting here this evening I came up with a fun idea. And now have 6 variations which I can't decide between! So the 2 of you :) who actually read this blog consistently (hi!) any thoughts? Which print is your fav?


laurenthequeen said...

I like #5

Meagan said...

Super cute idea! I like #2. Simple and sweet. Plus, when she does start to read, the words are spaced enough that it will be easy for her to see them and sound them out and know how much she's loved.

Amy said...

It is so hard to choose but #4 and #5 are my favorites!

Ang said...

We all have different favorites :) I love #5 and #6.

Kim said...

#5 - love it!!! I think the simplicity of the circles is what I like most. Very sweet.