Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tufted Headboard

One minute you find yourself cleaning poop off the wall, a lil' bum, and a lil' hand (TM I? Just another great benefit of being a mom!) the next minute you're knocking off a Ballard Designs headboard! They call me supermom crazy! 

(Woa coloring! I promise it's not neon green!)

I love the result, but think twice about making your own.  I started thinking this would be an easy project... ha! I laugh at myself now.  It's pretty time consuming and my forearms and fingers are killing me today!  Thank goodness the hubby came to the rescue with a 2nd pair of hands or I would still be tufting today.  Maybe I should clarify, upholstering the headboard- pretty easy, tufting the headboard- pretty ridiculous! Would I do it differently next time? No way! Love how it turned out, but it was definitely not the easiest project on the block. 

Sadly, I was not feeling the snapping pictures along the way.  So there's no tutorial, here's a couple others I found online.  Ticking and Toile, Centsational Girl, Green Your Decor.

Here's the break down on my cost and a few extra tips...
  • Sheet of plywood cut down to size at Home Depot only $10 because I had to wait a little while and didn't take the whole thing home. LOVE that store- they are so helpful and generous!
  • Cheap Mattress pad cut in half and doubled up- $15 (This reduces the cost drastically and worked great!)
  • Fabric- $5 (I used a cheap twin sheet from Walmart and just doubled it up. This also lowered cost)
  • Package of Batting (which I used for other projects as well)- $5
  • Spray glue- $5 (already had on hand, and will use in the future)
  • Loooong heavy duty needle- $1
  • Upholstery thread- $2 (already had on hand, and again will use in the future)
  • Washers/Screws/Nails- $2ish (already had all on hand)
Tools used were...
  • Jigsaw- To cut out the design.  I free handed one side, then used a piece of large paper to duplicate on the other side.
  • Drill- To drill the holes in the back for tufting.  Make the holes LARGE, it will make finding the hole so much easier when you are coming back through- learned that the hard way. :)
  • Staple gun- for attaching the batting and fabric to the plywood.
  • Ruler- To mark all of the spots for tufts. I actually found a quilting ruler/guide worked wonders!

Now we just need pillows and wall art! 

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Becky said...

love love love! is this in your bedroom or guest room or ? I LOVE the colors!