Friday, December 28, 2012

Merry Christmas and an AWESOME New Year!

So...another few months have passed and I have continued to be blessed!

Our Family Christmas Card!  Can you tell that I have Chevron on the Brain?!?!?!  Love it!

So Glad to have the Hubby home and so are the kiddos!  Micah's picture below captures his was taken at the Airport the day Tyson came home.  Makes me tear up just looking at it, that little boy could not stop laughing with that ear to ear grin on his face!


So what have I been up to?  I have done 12 shows since I blogged last...what?!?!  I know right?!?! Having the Hubby home has made all of this possible...he is awesome at helping behind the scenes. So good to have him home and not in a WAR ZONE!

Our shows have been tremendous and we have been really blessed!  The most exciting and humbling part of my shows is hearing how excited people get about things that I create.  Seriously humbling!  At one of our shows in Spokane, I called my husband who was out running errands and I told him how well the show was going...and then I stared crying!  I am a cry baby (normally), but I was feeling super has been such a blessing to do this. It has been such an added blessing to have people fall in love with things that I have a blast creating!  I love it!  Did I say that already?!?!?! 

A special thanks to everyone that has been a part of this process, customers, blog readers, friends, family...I love you all!

Hoping you had a Great Christmas and here is to an AWESOME NEW YEAR!

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Alisa said...

That's awesome you've had so much success with the craft shows! I'm sure people just die over your cute stuff! Yay!!