Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sweetheart 1st Birthday Party

My niece turned one recently and my sister put together a cute little sweetheart themed party for her, which if you ask me is so appropriate- she is a total sweetheart! 

My sister was kind enough to let me in on helping with some of the crafting goodness. :) And I'll apologize now, I was having serious issues with the settings on my camera that day! I did the best with what I had from the day. So here they are. 

See the great photo accordion?! It was a sweet little gift Charlene of C. Hardy Photograpy put together for both my sister and I for allowing her to use baby Rylee as a model.  Totally generous, the shots of Rylee were absolutely PRECIOUS.  See for yourself here.  

The cupcakes were made with a butter cream frosting piped through a fancy zip-loc :), pink sprinkles, and chocolate heart candies made with candy melts and a mold.

Some of the goods, including my favorite... the vase filled with foam beads, a picture of the birthday girl, and a cute decorative flower and butterfly.  Don't worry there's a better shot of it coming up. :)

See! Isn't the vase adorable!? So simple and cheap yet so cute!  The favors were a simple favor bag filled with small candies and closed with a simple pink heart. 

The table was sprinkled with hearts.  Ultra-cute heart garland made by simply sewing together a ton of cricut cut hearts, heart shaped cheese and fruits, and even the crackers were arranged in a heart. :)

Simple paper heart garland, which I learned the hard way- sew the hearts together closer to the top of the heart or they will hang upside down. :(


She stole my ikea frame purchase and put in one of Rylee's birthday pictures, but don't worry I stole it back and filled it with the sunshine print... I show ya soon!

And one more table shot for ya!

Simple and fun, that's what we do best. :)  Now I'm off to mend myself and children from this 3+ week bout of colds! Stay healthy out there, it's been brutal!

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