Friday, August 20, 2010

Bathroom Wall Hanging Tutorial

In a quest to spruce up the bathroom I took a piece I already had, Hallie's hair bow holder, which I wasn't in love with and turned it from 


To fab...

Love bathroom lighting, someday I may be smart enough to really be able to counter the nasty bathroom lighting effect with Mr. Canon, but until then we'll just take it outside. :)

Here's the tutorial...


12x12 Basic Wood Frame- Found at most craft stores, for around $7, use 40% coupon and love your savings!
12x12 cardboard (thick), cork board, foam board, wood, etc. 
Spray paint
Hot Glue
Double sided sticky tape

14x14 piece of fabric- fat quarter would be great for this!
2 Contrasting Fabric strips- 2x44"
Coordinating Ribbon/embellishments

Felt or other backing fabric

Getting Started:

1.  Spray Paint Your Frame Front, back and sides in a well ventilated area- please.  And keep those kiddos away! If they are like mine, they'll be instantly attracted to it- "5 steps back! Go go go!" But hopefully they can't count and you lose track. :)

2.  Iron the heck out of your 14x14 piece of fabric- my piece is not 14x14, it was the only scrap I had left.  You'll basically just want to make sure that your fabric is big enough to cover the front and sides of your cardboard/foam/cork board plus about 2 inches. 
3.  Use Double-sided sticky tape on the front side. Lay your cork board on top of the fabric and press it down evenly.  This will help your fabric stay put.  I love Wonder Tape, this stuff takes the sticking business seriously. (and sadly I'm not being paid to say that!)  I would have used a bit more, but I used the last off my roll, and I live in the boonies now so no more quick craft store/target runs for this girl anymore.  :( 
***Before going any farther, let's talk about the cork board/cardboard/foam board/wood.  Use what you have, what's easiest for you to find.  I used cork board, because that's what I had in the frame beforehand.  Any of the above will work just fine, my only recommendation is make sure the cardboard is thick enough.  For stability you probably want it to be around 1/4" thick.  And make sure it will hold up to any moisture you may have in your bathroom! :)***

4.  Wrap your board like you would a present.  Use glue around the edges.  I used quick grip (love this stuff!), but you could use your hot glue gun as well.  I glued all the way around the edge of the board and pulled the fabric tight as I folded it over the edge.  Then glue the "flaps" down to the back of the board. 

Ignore the glue gun in the pic, that's a later step, just wanted to show you the back wrapped like a present.  Nice even ugly edges- scrap piece remember.  Yours can be pretty and even if you start with a 14x14 piece of fabric. :)
5.  Now it's time to embellish your board.  Have fun with this one.  It took me a full day of playing with it here and there to figure out what I wanted to put on there. 

6. Make Fabric Flowers

7.  Glue brads, beads, or sparklies to your flower.  Figure out arrangement, then glue ribbon petals, beads, and flowers to your board.  Make sure you pick off all of the little glue drops! I see I missed a couple... oops. :)

8. Use hot glue to attach the cork board to the frame.

9.  Make sure your doggies are under control and snap a 1000 pics of your cute new wall hanging!

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Elizabeth said...

I LOVE this idea, so simple but super cute! I'm inspired!

Sara said...

Really great looking! Really easy! I love it! I'm over here from Under the Table...

I♥naptime w/ Chocolate Sundaes said...

Okay wow that is the cutest frame ever! Love it! I'd love for you to link it up at sundae scoop!

ellie g said...

I REALLY like this! What a great idea, cute and awesome. I love those rolled flowers. I think this is just darling! Great job!

malia said...

darling + originial... what a fab idea. i'm your newest follower

Jenglamgirl said...

SUPER DARLING, and i adore the color choice and flowers too. WELL DONE! Jen

Kaysi said...

Pretty! I love the brad in the middle!

Alison said...

This is super duper cute! Love those flowers and love the rolled flowers!!

jack!e said...

How cute! I have that EXACT same fabric, except mine has blue and tan colors, instead of the black and yellow. But its the same pattern and everything. I made some throw pillows for my couch with it! That's about the extent of my craftiness though. I could learn a thing or two from you. Thanks for posting all these awesome tutorials. =]

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