Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Spring Wreath Tutorial

A few of you asked for some specifics on the spring wreath, so here ya go...

I love this wreath because it was a simple and easy project which can easily be changed through the seasons!

Supplies You'll need...
A cheapo twig wreath, I bought mine from Michael's
A wooden letter which fits inside your wreath- found at any craft store
Some twine, yarn, heavy duty string- use whatever you have on hand
Fabric scraps- 2x44" to hang the wreath, 2x24" (at least 24" but preferably longer) for the smaller flowers and 3.5x24" (again at least 24" but preferably longer) for big flower
Heavy Duty Staple Gun

1.  Attach wooden letter
First step, to attach the wooden letter, I stapled two staples, one on each side and tied a piece of twine around each staple and then tied it to the back of the wreath.  I wanted my "T" to hang at an angle, so I had to play around with it a little to get it to the right position. Cut any excess twine, yarn, or thread.

2.  Make The Fabric Flowers

You are basically just going to gather one side of a long strip of fabric, then form it into a circle, hold it in place by holding the center and then use a needle and thread to sew it together.  Then sew the button on in the center.   
If you need better instructions and pictures on how to do this, I found a great tutorial at Maize Hutton.  The only difference in her tutorial and how I did mine is I used my sewing machine instead of hand-stitching for the gathering.  Just set your stitch length at the longest setting possible and stitch a straight line about 3/8" from the edge, leave the strings on both ends longggg... I'd say around 8 inches.  Grab one string on one side and tug it gently gathering the fabric as you go. 
To attach the flowers to the wreath, I simply used a safety pin through the fabric and around a twig or two on the wreath. 

3.  Hang the Wreath

To hang the wreath, I used a piece of fabric measuring 2x44 inches, wrapped it around wreath and tied it in a knot followed by a bow.  I didn't worry about finishing any of the edges as it adds to the character of the wreath.

And there you have it! Simple, short, sweet, and with a simple change of your fabric, this wreath is easily customized for any house or season!


Megan said...

Thank you so much! Perfect!

Maize Hutton said...

Adorable! :)